Why visit alexandria egypt?

Stanford Bahringer asked a question: Why visit alexandria egypt?
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What do you need to know about Alexandria Egypt?

  • To begin with, you should give a visit to the ‘ Bibliotheca Alexandrina ‘ a huge library built-in 2002 with a unique design to reincarnate the ancient library that used to sit in the same place and lead the world into many scientific breakthroughs. And even if you are not a bookworm you will be amazed by its wonderful architecture.

What is the weather like in Alexandria Egypt?

  • Alexandria has a borderline hot desert climate (Köppen climate classification: BWh), approaching a hot semi-arid climate (BSh). As the rest of Egypt's northern coast, the prevailing north wind, blowing across the Mediterranean , gives the city a less severe climate from the desert hinterland.

The museums, ruins and sites in Alexandria give a glimpse into the end of the Pharaonic Egypt most people are familiar with and showcase the Roman, Greek and Ptolemaic era Egypt much more heavily, and gives you a tiny glimpse into a part of Egypt's history that is often overlooked by many casual tourists.


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🇪🇬 How long to visit alexandria egypt?

Alexandria is located in north central Egypt along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria is located 225 km (140 miles) northwest of Cairo, taking about 2.5 to 3.5 hours to drive from one city to the other depending on route and traffic. Getting to Alexandria from Cairo

🇪🇬 Is alexandria egypt safe to visit?

There is no FCO advice against travel to Cairo, Alexandria, the tourist areas along the Nile, and the Red Sea resorts of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. The section of the country between the Nile and the Red Sea is also considered mostly safe.

🇪🇬 Is alexandria egypt worth a visit?

  • Although the city is well-past it’s golden era, Alexandria makes for an interesting visit since the city has an extremely different vibe from other Egyptian cites. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time as you stroll the through the streets lined with gorgeous, albeit run-down, European style buildings.

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Here are all the reasons why you should visit Alexandria Egypt 1. It’s a stunning city on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Having been inland in Egypt for so long, I forgot how refreshing it is to be beside the sea! To breath in fresh air and feel the salt on my face.

Alexandria is one of Egypt's greatest hidden treasures, a cosmopolitan city with a Mediterranean ambiance and a legendary history largely forgotten, Alexandria is just waiting for travellers to rediscover it's faded charm, and here are the top 10 reasons why you should add it to your Egypt itinerary.

Here are five reasons why Alexandria in Egypt is worth a visit: 1. Alexandria, is the kinder sister of Cairo. Alexandria, a kinder sister of Cairo. One of the reasons why Alexandria in Egypt is worth a visit. We found the people in Alexandria generally kinder, and less pushy towards tourists.

It felt so good to breathe in fresh air and you could see the Mediterranean sea for miles. Thousands of years ago, Alexandria was a famous and powerful city. Originally founded by Alexander the Great, all the world’s scripted knowledge at that point in time was held in the Great Library of Alexandria.

This article explains why visiting Alexandria, Egypt during the winter is way cooler than visiting in the summer. Being a tourist in your city can become challenging sometimes. By Rhoda Ismail You want to visit the places that you miss, to see the good old friends, and to eat mama’s cooking. Nostalgia is a strong […]

History buffs should make a beeline for Alexandria, Egypt. Situated on the glittering Mediterranean, just three hours from Cairo , it was once home to the enormous Lighthouse of Alexandria – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – as well as the Great Library of Alexandria.

Experience Alexandria’s European Flair. Alexandria was the place for wealthy Europeans to vacation in the 1930’s. Although the city is well-past it’s golden era, Alexandria makes for an interesting visit since the city has an extremely different vibe from other Egyptian cites.

The library of Alexandria was the reason Alexandria Egypt became the cultural and learning center of Mediterranean region in the Ptolemaic era. It was estimated to have between 40,000 to 400,000 papyrus scrolls and ancient manuscripts. The library was accidentally burned during Julius Caesar civil war in 48 BC.

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Which is the best place to visit in alexandria egypt?
  • If you are looking for some spots that have actual facts attached to them, one of the best of all Alexandria Egypt attractions to visit is the Citadel of Qaitbay. Not only is it an impressive fortress that has withstood armies and time, but it is also where the remnants of the famous “Lighthouse...
How to visit alexandria from cairo?
  • There are a couple of options on how to visit Alexandria from Cairo; Cairo to Alexandria by Plane – You can fly to Alexandria but as the journey is only 3 hours by car it hardly seemed worth it to me! Flights are from $50USD one way.
What is alexandria like to visit?

Today, Alexandria is Egypt's second largest city and boasts a thriving port along its 32 kilometres of coastline. It is home to the medieval Citadel of Qaitbay, the royal Montazah palace, Bibliotheca library and lots of other gems to explore. Here's why you should visit Alexandra Egypt and why it's worth it!

Can you visit the library of alexandria?

Entrance to the library is not free, it's costs about 10 Egyptian Pounds. This entitles you to a tour as well as use internet usage (which has to be booked at the information desk). After the tour, you are able to explore 2 other museums within the library.

Which is better to visit alexandria or cairo?
  • Alexandria is significantly smaller than Cairo, which is advantageous for getting around. On my tour, our guide took us on an unplanned excursion around the city using public transportation. We really got a local’s view of Alexandria!
Which is the best part of alexandria to visit?
  • A 19km coastline -or El Corniche – as the locals call it is the star attraction of Alexandria. It starts east from ‘El Montazah Palace’ once a summer getaway for the King which you should definitely visit to get a taste of royalty and enjoy its spacious gardens.
Why visit egypt?

Therapeutic tourism has always been popular in Egypt. Its hot springs can cure respiratory diseases, kidney, bone and other skin problems. The mud in many areas is also known to cure skin problems. Sand-burying massages are also very famous in Egypt and are said to treat physical injuries.

Alexandria egypt why location?

Alexandria is a port city located on the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt founded in 331 BCE by Alexander the Great. It was the site of the Pharos (lighthouse), one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the legendary Library of Alexandria and was once the most vital cultural center of the ancient world, rivalling even Athens , Greece .

Is alexandria egypt beautiful?

If you are looking for a private tour to Egypt, then a visit to legendary Alexandria is a must. This beautiful city on the Mediterranean simply resonates with the richness of its history and culture, and Egypt's second largest city maintains an atmospheric juxtaposition between old and new.

Is alexandria egypt dangerous?

Alexandria is somewhat safe and although there is some crime in this city, it's mostly petty crime and rarely violent. Pickpockets are a problem in Egypt's major cities, like Alexandria. When it comes to violent crime, it is rare, and you shouldn't worry too much about being mugged or robbed.

Is alexandria egypt dry?

In Alexandria, the summers are long, warm, muggy, arid, and clear and the winters are cool, dry, windy, and mostly clear. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 50°F to 86°F and is rarely below 44°F or above 89°F.

Is alexandria egypt pretty?

The second city of Egypt, Alexandria, sits on the Mediterranean coast and is the most European in atmosphere with wide boulevards and pretty, open gardens. Founded by Alexandria the Great in 331 BC, the city was a center of Greek civilization and home to the Pharos Lighthouse, one of the wonders of the ancient world.

Is alexandria egypt sinking?

The land on which Alexandria is built, along with the surrounding Nile Delta, is sinking at roughly the same rate, due in part to upstream dams that prevent the replenishment of silt and to natural gas extraction.

Is alexandria egypt tropical?

(Tropical and Subtropical Desert Climate). The average temperature for the year in Alexandria is 69.0°F (20.6°C). The warmest month, on average, is August with an average temperature of 80.0°F (26.7°C).

Is alexandria in egypt?

With a total population of 5,381,000, Alexandria is the largest city on the Mediterranean – also called the "Bride of the Mediterranean" by locals – the fourth-largest city in the Arab world and the ninth-largest urban area in Africa. The city extends about 40 km (25 mi) at the northern coast of Egypt along the Mediterranean Sea.

Is alexandria safe egypt?

Alexandria is somewhat safe and although there is some crime in this city, it’s mostly petty crime and rarely violent. Pickpockets are a problem in Egypt’s major cities, like Alexandria. When it comes to violent crime, it is rare, and you shouldn’t worry too much about being mugged or robbed.

What happened alexandria egypt?

The city fell to the Arabs in AD 641, and a new capital of Egypt, Fustat, was founded on the Nile. After Alexandria's status as the country's capital ended, it fell into a long decline, which by the late Ottoman period, had seen it reduced to little more than a small fishing village.

Who built alexandria egypt?

Alexandria was the largest city in Egypt for nearly 2,000 years, functioning as a trading center between Asia and Europe. Q: Who planned the city of Alexandria? The main architect of Alexandria was Dinocrates.

Who destroyed alexandria egypt?

The first person blamed for the destruction of the Library is none other than Julius Caesar himself. In 48 BC, Caesar was pursuing Pompey into Egypt when he was suddenly cut off by an Egyptian fleet at Alexandria. Greatly outnumbered and in enemy territory, Caesar ordered the ships in the harbor to be set on fire.

Who founded alexandria egypt?

Once among the greatest cities of the Mediterranean world and a centre of Hellenic scholarship and science, Alexandria was the capital of Egypt from its founding by Alexander the Great in 332 bce until its surrender to the Arab forces led by ʿAmr ibn al-ʿĀṣ in 642 ce.

Who named alexandria egypt?

Who named Alexandria Egypt? Alexander the Great. What is modern day Alexandria? Modern day Alexandria is a city that bustles with commerce and tourism, but the industry in no way detracts from its wondrous past.

Can israeli visit egypt?

Where Can't I go if I Have an Israel Stamp in my Passport? In general, you will be allowed into Egypt with an Israel stamp on your passport, although the final decision will be made on an individual basis by Egyptian authorities at border control.